Marysville Kids Matter

Marysville Kids Matter grew out of a partnership with United Way and the Marysville School District. This partnership sought to incorporate the 40 Developmental Assets as researched by Search Institute. Throughout educational awareness opportunities with leaders in fields such as education, the faith community, government, and business leaders, Marysville Kids Matter contributes to shaping our community in healthy ways. That initial partnership has evolved into the DNA of Marysville Together Coalition today!

What are Developmental Assets?

When you think about the word “assets,” what comes to mind? For many people, their first thought is financial resources, the kind of “assets” the bank looks at when you apply for a loan. In our context here, assets means valuable resources of another kind.

The researchers at Search Institute, a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis, Minnesota, have named the valuable resources that young people need “Developmental Assets.” These assets are 40 values, experiences, relationships, and qualities that bring many benefits to the young people who have them.

Why Do Assets Matter?

Studies have shown that when young people have more of those 40 assets, they are more likely to be leaders, to be careful of their health, and to do well in school. And when young people have more of those 40 assets, they are also less likely to use drugs, become involved in violence, or participate in underage drinking. In short, the more of the assets a young person has, the more likely he or she is to succeed in many aspects of life.


For additional information and tips on strengthening parenting skills, visit Parent Further and the Search Institute websites.