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Marysville Together Coalition (MTC) is a community partnership of caring, involved members committed and empowered to promote safety, diversity, and awareness, and respond to the needs of our community so that everyone who lives in Marysville will take responsibility for working together towards a safe and healthy community

Good Behavior Game

Who is the Good Behavior Game for?

Our kids spend 6 hours per day in school. Teachers play such an important role on the long-term sustaining impact of our kids' development. And let's be honest, teaching is not easy. Imagine stepping into a classroom filled with 30 different kids coming from 30 different households with varying values and upbringings, 30 different personalities, and countless learning styles. Wouldn't it be great if there was a program to help assist teachers with managing their classrooms?

What are the benefits?

  • Major improvement in engaged learning by students.
  • 60-90 minute more time to teach and learn each day.
  • 75-125 fewer disruptions per hour in classes.
  • Improved benchmark scores that predict success on standardized tests.
  • 20%-30% less need for special education.
  • Improved family life because of children's improvements at school.
  • Improved benefits of other prevention efforts.

How do we implement the program in our schools?

We are working with Marysville School District to pilot the program in some of our classrooms. We are in the process of training teachers with the curriculum and plan on rolling it out in pilot classrooms for the 2016-17 school year. Our intent is to share how the program impacted the classrooms who implemented it. Stay tuned!