What is Strengthening Families?

The Strengthening Families Program (10-14) aims to teach life skills to 10- to 14-year-olds and improve the parent-child relationship. Participants are given instruction on various communication, problem-solving, and perspective-taking skills. The first hour of program sessions consists of separate parent and adolescent trainings. Among other topics, parents learn about appropriate disciplinary practices, how to manage strong emotions, and how to communicate effectively with their children. The adolescents learn skills for dealing with peer pressure (refusal skills) and other personal and social skills, including management of stress and strong emotions, and problem solving. In the subsequent hour of joint training, family members practice conflict resolution and communication skills, and engage in activities designed to improve family cohesiveness. What can you expect?

A meal for the family each week, that is followed by separate breakout times for parents and adolescents, and wrapping up with a combined gathering putting into practice what is being learned.

For Parents: Sessions will address topics such as: Using love and limits • Encouraging good behavior • Building bridges • Making house rules • Protecting against substance abuse

For Adolescents: Sessions will address topics such as: Having goals and dreams • Appreciating parents • Dealing with stress • Handling peer pressure • Following house rules • Reaching out to others

For The Family: Sessions will address topics such as: Supporting goals and dreams • Appreciating family members • Understanding family values • Using family meetings • Building family communication • Reaching family goals.

What are the benefits?

  • For the community, Decreased problem behaviors in teens • Less teen use of drugs and alcohol • Increased positive parenting of teens

  • For Youth and Parents:

    • Parents will learn: • What to expect from their adolescent children • Over a dozen tools for effectively parenting teens • How to set limits and show love during the pre-teen and teen years

    • Youth will learn • How to resist peer pressure • How to handle angry feelings and manage stress • How to choose positive friends • Appreciation for their parents

How can you be a part of Strengthening Families?

MTC will be offering the program to families in the community. If you are a family, or know of a family who could benefit from the Strengthening Families program, contact us!